FRESKA KFT- hungarian importer of PELI from USA

Shockproof, waterproof , dust-resistant, chemical resistant plastic lamps and protective bags those who do not want to take care of their assets ...

-Bags certificates: NATO, ATA, MIL, STANAG, IP

-Lamps certificates: ATEX (explosion-proof lamp certificate), UL, IEC Ex, RoHS

-Lifetime warranty! (Background reflectors 1 year warranty) (Lifetime warranty does not apply for accessories)

Peli protective bags Peli protective bags Peli waterproof bags Peli shock proof bags

Peli break resistant and waterproof bags Peli background lights Peli explosion proof lamps

Peli break resistant and waterproof ABS lamps Peli background reflectors Peli background reflectors

The Peli products are entirely the same as the American Pelican Products or Pelican case. But in Europe the name is available only Peli.